Median Income 65+

Older South Dakotans' Income Continues Upward Trend

From 2015-2016, median income for South Dakotans 65 and older increased slightly to $39,528, according to recently released federal date. South Dakota now ranks No. 33 in the nation, up from No. 36 in 2015.

All three metropolitan areas in the Rushmore State posted increases for seniors’ median household incomes. The median household income for seniors in Sioux Falls rose from $37,896 in 2015 to $39,332 in 2016. Rapid City posted an increase from $37,896 in 2015 to $40,580 in 2016. Sioux City realized the greatest increase, with median incomes for seniors rising from $34,842 in 2015 to $40,136 in 2016.

Regionally, South Dakota posted the second highest growth in median household income for its residents over the age of 65. North Dakota led the region, with a hefty 11.1 percent increase in senior incomes in 2016. Median household income levels for Wyoming seniors took a sharp dip in 2016, dropping by three percentage points.

Here's how South Dakota's income for senior citizen stack up regionally and nationally, in inflation adjusted dollars. The list is in the order of the largest increase in income to the largest drop, between 2015 and 2016.

 State 2015 2016 Percent Change
 North Dakota $36,971 $41,084 11.1%
South Dakota $37,896 $39,084 4.3%
 Nebraska $39,112 $40,762 4.2%
Minnesota $42,316 $43,232 2.2%
 Montana $37,896 $37,616 0.74%
 Iowa $40,144 $39,433 -1.8%
Wyoming $41,057 $39,806 -3.0%

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