Aug 1, 2016

Data Resources - Agriculture & Natural Resources

Agriculture Facts and Impact: Agriculture is a large part of South Dakota's economy. To view some quick facts from the Department of Agriculture, click here.

Energy Consumption: From the U.S. Energy Information Administration, view the state profile on energy consumption, read quick facts, and compare with other states here

Hunting Reports and Surveys: South Dakota Game Fish and Parks keeps tabs on the number of harvests per year and some of their details. To view hunting reports and surveys, click here

Historical Climate Data: From the National Weather Service, find historical and current climate data for South Dakota here.

Livestock Facts and Impact: Livestock is another signifiant portion of the South Dakota economy. To view some quick facts from the Department of Agriculture, click here.

National Resources Conservation Service: From the USDA, find statistics regarding how land and natural resources are being used in the state by viewing the National Resource Inventory here.

Oil and Gas Data: South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources provides records of oil and gas drilling, water well completion, and water quality. View this data by clicking here.  Also, find a similar map-based data source detailing oil and gas in the state here.

South Dakota Department of Agriculture Statistics:  There are many reports from both the USDA and South Dakota Department of Agriculture with South Dakota’s agricultural statistics. Click on the “South Dakota Agricultural Statistics Book” tab on this page to find them. 

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