The Aberdeen area has the lowest rate of uninsured among South Dakota metropolitan and micropolitan areas.
The Aberdeen area has the lowest rate of uninsured among South Dakota metropolitan and micropolitan areas.
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Dec 16, 2014

Communities Near Sioux Falls Have SD's Lowest Rates of Uninsured

Communities surrounding Sioux Falls boast South Dakota's lowest rates of residents lacking health insurance, while communities in the Black Hills dominate the list of those with the highest rates of uninsured residents, according to newly updated federal data. 

The five communities among South Dakota's most populous 27 municipalities with the lowest rates of uninured are all in southeast South Dakota. (The figures are averages for the years 2009-2013.) 

 Tea  3.4%
 Dell Rapids  4.3%
 Harrisburg  6.9%
 Brandon  7.1%
Canton 7.6%

Three of the five communities with the highest rates are in the Black Hills. See the complete list plus interactive charts and graphs on the South Dakota Dashboard's Health Insurance Coverage page

 Belle Fourche  21.3%
 Lead  21.1%
 Winner  20.7%
 Milbank  18.2%
 Hot Springs  17%

When looking at the state's three metropolitan areas and nine micropolitan areas, the Aberdeen micropolitan area (Brown and Edmunds counties) stands out as having the lowest rate of uninsured residents, at 8.1% for 2009-2013. The Spearfish micropolitan area (Lawrence County) has the highest rate, 17%. (To see the complete list, choose the "By metropolitan and micropolitan areas" option from the Breakdown drop-down menu on the graph linked to above.)

Among South Dakota's nine Indian reservations, the Yankton reservation has the lowest rate of uninsured, at 25.9%, while the Crow Creek reservation has the highest rate, 54.7%. (Access to federal Indian Health Service care is not considered to be health insurance.)

When looking at racial/ethnic groups, American Indians have the highest rate of being uninsured - 36.9% - while non-Hispanic whites claim the lowest - 10.1 %. These rates compare to the rates for Hispanics (29%) and blacks (16.6%) and Asians (17.6%). 

The rate of uninsured, under age 65, for the entire state of South Dakota is 13.7%, below the national rate of 16.7%. 


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