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In the 21st century, the field of data analysis has become a leading method to measure opportunity and impact in the United States. Mining and evaluating reliable data enables businesses to make quantitative, data-driven decisions. Data collection, however, is often a resource-intensive task that challenges the time or skillset capabilities of many organizations in South Dakota.

Our data specialists use our collective knowledge of South Dakota-specific data sets and data-rich networks to provide clients with reliable, up-to-date, and easy-to-use resources and reports. Our team works with clients to identify vital data sets, connect with sources, and visualize data in an intuitive and accessible way.

Our Data Consulting services include:

  • Design and development of data-mining projects
  • Methods to communicate complex information in a simplified way
  • Contextual support for data trends specific to the region and South Dakota
  • Contextualizing of internal data within the larger city, county, and regional trend
  • A variety of data delivery methods including written reports, infographics, live and embeddable digital charts for websites, and Excel data compendiums
  • Presentations and data training for nonprofits, governments, researchers, and community organizations

Previous projects include:

  • K-12 enrollment projections
    • This project was commissioned by seven local school districts. We gathered vital statistics and worked with the SDSU Rural Life and Data Center to formulate enrollment projections for the next ten years. Our final, fifteen page reports to each district included community context for our findings and the offer to present to their respective school boards.
  • Workforce data for webpages
    • This work for a local economic development agency included updating static workforce statistics on their website. In addition we built a data compendium for their records and are archiving historical data on their site.
  • Live chart embeds for economic development agencies
    • Many agencies struggle with keeping static data on their websites current. We worked with our data partners at Wilder Research to license and embed our live charts on this agency’s website. For a reasonable yearly fee, this data is updated and flows directly to live charts as federal and state agencies release new numbers.
  • Economic impact analysis for local plaza development
    • We were hired by a local organization to evaluate the economic and social impact of their project. We worked to compile economic data and context for the story by reaching out to data partners, creating a chronology of the organization, and conducting video recorded interviews. Our finished product will include a case study of the organization, an economic impact analysis, and a short impact video for promotional purposes.
  • Investigative reports on education funding
    • Throughout our work, we come across data that needs further evaluation and context for public consumption. With the recent focus on education funding in South Dakota, we release a series of weekly reports and data visualizations in an effort to make data more approachable to those interested in the topic.
  • Data contextualization for arts market research
    • While conducting a local arts market survey, a local organization sought us out to provide data-driven context to their work. We built a community profile for their research project that provided context for the data gathered by their stakeholder surveys. We also co-presented on our collaboration at the South Dakota Demography Conference.


The South Dakota Dashboard runs a competitive nonprofit data consulting practice, whose activities and revenue help maintain the Black Hills Knowledge Network and South Dakota Dashboard as digital public resources. Rates depend on the contract and scope of work.

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