Aug 1, 2016

Data Resources - Economics

Arts as an Economic Engine in Native Communities: Native art makes a significant contribution to South Dakota’s economy. A follow up report, Investing in the Indgenous Arts Ecology, explores the results of the strategic effort and provides further insight into the Indigenous arts econosystem

The Corporation for Economic Development: The Assets and Opportunity Scorecard gives each state a ranking and provides an interactive graph that helps for comparison between states.

Economic Census Data: The U.S. Census Bureau conducts an economic census every 5 years. It provides important data on industries, communities and businesses. To explore this data, click here.

Economic Indicators: The U.S. Census Bureau has a page dedicated to data about various economic indicators such as homeownership, wholesale trade, rental vacancy rates, and construction spending. To view this page, click here.

Economic Resources Guide (US Census): To view a guide to further economic data sources from the US Census Bureau, click here.

Employment Projections: South Dakota Department of Labor provides employment projections through 2022 both by industry and occupation. Access the system for retrieving this data here.

Opportunity Insights: “How can we improve economic opportunities for low-income children?” This is the question Opportunity Insights tries to answer using big data. View their site to learn how a person’s home town effects their economic future.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis: News/reports on the state of the economy provided by a geographically close Federal Reserve Bank.

The Geography of Upward Mobility: Where you grew up has an effect on your chances of changing your economic standing. To view a map of your chances of going from the bottom 50 percent to the top 5 percent, click here.

Government Fund Use: The South Dakota Bureau of Finance and Management provides up-to-date metrics on state government spending here.

Industry Statistics Portal: The U.S. Census Bureau has a portal dedicated to industry statistics. They make it easy to find any industry and then display their given data on that industry. Click here to use the portal.

Local Area BEARFACTS: This is an interactive tool from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. To use it, first click on the state you are interested in, and then click on the county you are interested in. After clicking on the county on interest, the site economic statistics and graphics on the area. Click here to use it.

Migration: The IRS has compiled data that shows how US resident migrate around the country from year to year. This data can be viewed specifically by state or county.

Mortgage Data: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are required to release data collected on US mortgages in the Public Use Database. Find county-specific data here.

Individual Income Tax Statistics: Released by the IRS and organized by state or zip code, find data such as the number of returns/households, interest received, and more here.  

Policom Corporation: Economic Strength Rankings for metropolitan and micropolitan areas in the U.S.

SD Department of Revenue

SD Department of Revenue – Industry: This page links to monthly reports on gambling including tax collected, units producing revenue and average pay out. To view the reports, click here.

SD Department of Revenue – Taxes: This page holds data on South Dakota’s tax history including gross sales and gross receipts. To explore this page, click here.

SD Department of Revenue- Historical: This page gives historical data on motor vehicle registration and title information for South Dakota. To view it, click here.

Survey of Household Economics and Decisionmaking (SHED): This study which evaluates the economic well-being of U.S. households and identifies potential risks to their financial stability. Data points include credit access and behaviors, savings, retirement, economic fragility, and education and student loans.

Tax Statistics: The U.S. Census Bureau creates annual and quarterly reports on local and state tax statistics and state tax statistics.

U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis: The Bureau of Economic Analysis has an interactive data page that can be helpful when searching for regional, national or international economic data. To give it a try, click here.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Filter out the latest economic reports related to the job market by state here.

Your Economy: Developed by the Edward Lowe Foundation, this resource compiles data from 1995 to the present on business establishments, jobs, and sales at the Metro or county level. For their data on South Dakota, click here.   

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