Aug 17, 2016

Data Resources - Education

General Education

Census Bureau Education Statistics: To view the U.S. Census Bureau’s educational statistics, click here.

Civil Rights Data Collection: This source houses a variety of data collected from public schools in the U.S.  


10 Characteristics of Preschool-Age Children: This interactive data tool generates charts and tables with indicators on children ages 3 to 5 for the United States. It presents data on groups of preschool-age children defined by their school enrollment, their family income, and their parents’ nativity. Indicators are available about the characteristics of the child (e.g., school enrollment), the parent(s) (e.g., English proficiency), and the family (e.g., income). 


General School Data: The Department of Education’s Data Center has data on everything from the number of 1 room school houses in South Dakota to finance data. To go to this page and explore the data, click here.

National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP): A.k.a. the “Nation’s Report Card”. Data covering mathematics, reading, writing and science is provided for each state in the U.S.

School Report Card: Not all South Dakota schools districts are created equal. To view how the Department of Education ranks a certain school district, view the school district’s report card here.

South Dakota Department of Education Statistical Digest:   To find profiles on all of the school districts in South Dakota as well as information about enrollment, expenditures and profile data, click here.  


ACT Composite Scores: scores for the state since 2005, provided by the South Dakota Department of Education.  

Board of Regents Fact Book: For everything you may want to know about South Dakota higher education from 2000-2018, click here.

South Dakota Board of Regents Data Dashboard: Find a variety of higher education data resources including enrollment, high school transition, college matriculation, freshman migration, university affordability, and more.   

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