Data Resources - Health

America’s Health Rankings: View state-specific positions in America’s Health Rankings here.

Avera Community Health Needs Assessments: Conducted by Avera Health, these studies highlight the strengths and weaknesses in regional health and access to healthcare in East River, South Dakota.

Birth, Death and Cancer Rates: The South Dakota Department of Health has statistics on birth, death and cancer dating back as far as 2000. Data can be broken down by county, education, age and year on their interactive page here.

Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce, etc.: Vital statistic reports going back as far as 2008. See ‘Vital Statistics’ section.

Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System: A report which collects data about the health behaviors of South Dakotans. Data available for years 2010 through 2014. See ‘Risk Factors’ section. Youth Risk Behavior Survey is also provided here.

Breast Cancer Incidence Rates: The Susan G. Komen Foundation provides breast cancer incidence rates by county and race in South Dakota in their annual report. More information about breast cancer incidence rates in the Great Plains region can be found on the Komen Foundation's website

Cancer Incidence and Comparison: The South Dakota Cancer Registry and the South Dakota Department of Health created an interactive tool to view how cancer effects South Dakota. The tool presents a map of South Dakota and then allows the user to compare cancer rates between counties and presents statistics on the top 5 cancers of each county. To use the tool, click here.

CDC Health Disparities and Inequalities Report: Released in 2013, this report addresses health disparities in the U.S. Follow the link to access a pdf version of the report.

Census Bureau Health Statistics: To view the U.S. Census Bureau’s health statistics, click here.

Community Health Status Indicators: This site features an interactive tool which provides county-specific data for all counties in the U.S.

Collaborative Research Center for American Indian Health Research: This site aims to bring together tribal communities and health researchers in SD, ND, and MN. To view a list of current projects, click here. The CRCAIH Methodology Core: Tracking Health over Time and Geography report is available here

County Health Rankings and Roadmaps: The annual County Health Rankings measure vital health factors, including high school graduation rates, obesity, smoking, unemployment, access to healthy foods, the quality of air and water, income, and teen births in nearly every county in America.

Health System Data Center: The Commonwealth Fund’s Scorecard on State Health System Performance assesses states on 42 indicators of health care access, quality, costs, and outcomes.

Healthcare Workforce Center: provides data relating to the growing number of elderly residents and healthcare workers needed.

Healthy People 2020: This project exists to improve the health of all Americans. Explore data relevant to a wide range of topics here.

Hospital Discharge Survey: summary of discharge data from 2000 through 2009. See ‘Hospital’ section.

Hospital Price Rates: South Dakota Hospital PricePoint offers the ability to compare services and charges across different South Dakota hospitals.   

Infectious Diseases: The South Dakota Department of Health compiles monthly and yearly reports on infectious diseases such as STDs, E. coli, and Tuberculosis. The reports also include data on diabetes and suicide. To view these reports, click here.

LiveWell Sioux Falls: Committed to improving the health of Sioux Falls residents. Access a pdf infographic addressing health in the Sioux Falls community here.

National Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities: Click here to access a list of data/reports regarding minority health and health disparities in the United States.

National Survey of Children’s Health: provides data related to children’s health for all fifty states.

Occupational fatalities and days missed due to nonfatal injuries: Occupational fatalities by age, race, gender and income available for 2003 to the present. Incidence rates of days missed due to nonfatal injuries and illnesses available for 1996 to the present. Data available for all 50 states.

Regional Health Community Health Needs Assessment: Conducted by Regional Health, these studies highlight the strength and weaknesses in regional health and access to healthcare in West River, South Dakota.

South Dakota Cancer Registry: Data & publications, monographs, and additional data search engines offering information about the state’s cancer rates are provided on this site. 

South Dakota: Picture of Health: Compiled by Helmsley Charitable Trust, this booklet consists of statistics and surveys on South Dakota’s health care. It provides a baseline to assess rural healthcare needs. View it here.

STD Surveillance Reports: Find monthly disease reports, CDC information regarding STDs for the state, and Indian Health Service STD surveillance here.

Tribal Nations Research Group: This group provides data relevant to tribal members, specifically the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians in ND. To view current research, click here.

Youth Tobacco Survey: Reports detailing tobacco use in middle school-age students are available for 2011, 2013, and 2015. Follow link and see ‘Risk Factors’ section.  

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