Aug 17, 2016

Data Resources - Housing

Cost of Living Comparison: There are many sites that provide cost of living calculators and comparisons. The Cost of Living Index (COLI) lists many comparisons within the United States. 

Census Bureau Housing Statistics: To view the U.S. Census Bureau’s statistics on housing, click here.

Economic Indicators: The U.S. Census Bureau has a page dedicated to data about various economic indicators, and on this page there is much information about housing such as homeownership, vacancy rates and new residential construction. To view the page, click here.

Homeless Counts: To view the number of homeless people in South Dakota dating back to 2009, click here. The data is presented by the South Dakota Housing for the Homeless Consortium.

Housing Construction Statistics: The National Association of Home Builders provides state-specific housing construction data.  

Housing Segregation: Census Scope provides data about the diversity of households in state-specific form.

Housing Segregation Map: The University of Virginia provides a look at segregation across the united states in their Racial Dot Map

National Low Income Housing Coalition: This coalition studies trends and analyzes data to create a picture of the need for low income housing across the country. Click here to access their data at state, county, and metro levels for South Dakota. 

Rapid City Housing Affordability Study: In response to both local and national affordable housing concerns, the John T. Vucurevich Foundation commissioned the South Dakota Dashboard/Black Hills Knowledge Network to conduct a Rapid City Housing Affordability Study to help the Rapid City community understand the local need for affordable housing. View the study here

South Dakota Association of Realtors: Follow the link to view the most current South Dakota Housing Statistics Report.

Student Cost of Living Tool: Created by the Economic Research Institute, this tool illustrates a student’s cost of living for consumables in towns and cities across the US and Canada. To explore rates, select the beginning letter of the city or town here.  

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