The rate of overweight and obese children in South Dakota has remained steady.
The rate of overweight and obese children in South Dakota has remained steady.
SD Department of Health chart
Mar 25, 2015

SD Childhood Obesity Rates Stagnate

State health experts say that more than one third of South Dakota’s children are overweight or obese. That’s according to the most recent sampling from schools across the state. The numbers aren’t much worse than the previous year but they also aren’t any better, reports South Dakota Public Radio. 

That information comes from a state report that shows height and weight measurements for children across the state. The latest data from the 2013/2014 school year shows 15.8 percent of South Dakota children are obese and another 16.5 percent are overweight. Those numbers are only a fraction of a percentage down from the year before.

The South Dakota Department of Health survey is of students ages 5 to 19 from 175 South Dakota schools. State officials have set a goal to drop the proportion of obese students to 14 percent by 2020. 

On the Health Department's website, see a summary of the most recent reportthe full report and links to previous year's reports

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