Green indicates better mental health, while red indicates poorer mental health.
Green indicates better mental health, while red indicates poorer mental health.
County Health Rankings data
Dec 17, 2014

SD, Upper Great Plains Rank High on US Happiness Scale

Residents of rural areas in the United States tend to enjoy better mental health than do their urban counterparts, reports the Daily Yonder

Researchers who studied mental health data gathered by the County Health Rankings found that peak mental health is typically found in rural areas that are near an urban center, while the urban centers tended to have the poorest mental health. 

At the same time, much of South Dakota and the Upper Great Plains reported some of the nation's best mental health. In South Dakota, only Lake County residents reported mental health in the poorest category. They reported 4.4 poor mental health days per month, on average per capita. That is just enough to push Lake County in the worst cateogry, which ranges from 4.4 to more than 10 poor mental health days per month. 

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