SDSU Rural Life and Census Data Center

The South Dakota State University Rural Life and Census Data Center is a “cooperative venture between the US Census Bureau and South Dakota State University” directed by Dr. Weiwei Zhang. The Center provides access to and helps navigate Census Data to aid informed decision making in South Dakota. The Data Center provides consulting services for organizations that have specific data needs, develops programs and researches funding opportunities to provide better data access to South Dakota citizens, and offers trainings and presentations that analyze trends in South Dakota. The following are a selection of their publically available works:

1. South Dakota State and County Demographic Profiles- This report, published in 2008, highlights demographic trends in South Dakota including out-migration of young adults, rural depopulation, growing metropolitan areas, declining number of farms, and an increasing elderly population.

2. State Population Pyramids- These graphic summaries are available at three levels

     a. City, town, and CDP levels

     b. County level

     c. Zip Code level

3. Health Related Maps-These maps highlight spatial trends in mortality rates, care designations, pregnancy and birth outcomes, motor vehicle accidents, and HIV rates.

4. Income and Poverty Publications- These documents elaborate upon the challenges of working poverty, child poverty, and livable wages in South Dakota.

5. Population and Population Change Information- Here, users can find information on the advantages and disadvantages of data collection methods used by the Census and the American Community Survey, as well as migration estimates for South Dakota.

6. Race and Ethnicity Reports- These investigations explore Hispanics in South Dakota, prenatal care, and American Indian business thresholds.

7. Vital Statistics- These publications highlight birth and infant mortality in South Dakota.

To learn more about how to use the SDSU Data Center or their services, please read the latest on their outreach efforts

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