65+ Population Increases by 13.46 Percent
65+ Population Increases by 13.46 Percent
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Jul 14, 2016

South Dakota’s 65+ Population Increasing Rapidly Since 2011

The proportion of South Dakota's population age 65 and older has been growing steadily since 2011 while the population of 5-17 and 18-64 year-olds has stabilized.  The 65+ population has increased by 13.46 percent  since 2011, compared to a 2.12 percent rise in the 0-4 age group. See the table below for growth rates since 2011 for all age groups. 

Age Group Growth from 2011-2015
0-4 2.12%
5-17 4.08%
18-64 2.21%
65+ 13.46%


The Spearfish micropolitan area is home to the largest proportion of residents age 65 and older, and consequently the highest retirement-to-working-age ratio.

The population of residents age 65 and older has dramatically increased in the Black Hills region compared to the state as a whole. The Black Hills 65+ population has grown by 21.63 percent since 2011 compared to a 13.46 percent increase for this age group statewide.

The increase in residents age 65 and older has augmented the retirement-to working-age ratio statewide which has grown by 2.6 percent since 2011.

This trend follows projections by demographers who say that the United States population of 65+ individuals will dramatically increase within the next 50 years due to the aging of the baby boomer generation. Read this article from the Population Reference Bureau for more in-depth information on this topic.


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